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James Hope College

We currently occupy the tranquil area of Twin Lakes Estate, Lekki, Lagos

Welcome to JHC

James Hope College is a private world class residential co-educational secondary school in the tranquil area of Twin Lakes Estate, Lekki, Lagos State which offers a combination of British and Nigerian curricula. James Hope College Foundation is a brainchild of the Jim Ovia Foundation, which is centered on providing world class education at a subsidised rate.

James Hope College is an educational initiative of the Jim Ovia Foundation – the College is committed to provide holistic learning programmes, shaping and molding the future leaders of Nigeria at a subsidised rate. The College offers a world class education from an endowment fund facilitated by Mr. Jim Ovia, the Founder and Chairman of the James Hope College Board .

According to Mr. Ovia, the College Foundation exists to provide exceptional educational experience that would rival global standards.

The Founder’s rationale for starting James Hope College is predicated on affordable excellence. James Hope College offers a world class education for a subsidised fee because it is supported by a substantial endowment fund.

Our Founder, notes that, ‘The payback period for a solid education is a whole lifetime. The acquisition and development of a thirst for knowledge is the building block for any successful school.

We face many challenges in today’s modern world and it is imperative that our youth are equipped with the knowledge, character and strength of purpose to navigate such trials.

I am confident that the future alumni of James Hope College will have the integrity, wisdom and strength to be future leaders in whatever endeavours they pursue’.

Why choose James Hope College ?

There are many reasons why parents are keen for their children to gain entrance to James Hope College. One reason that sits high up on most lists is the ideal of affordable excellence.

Our Vision and Mission

School Vision
To be the preferred secondary school for parents who desire high quality education and enhanced skills development for their children. 

School Mission
To provide an enabling environment for academic achievement, skills acquisition and character development.

Our Ethos

Knowledge. Character. Truth
The above qualities appear as our motto and form the cornerstone of our ethos and values, which we encourage the students to imbibe on a daily basis.

Our Values

At James Hope College, we value:

Specialist status

At the onset, the curriculum at James Hope College will emphasize the import of acquiring and using ICT and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in the 21st century.

In a short while, we will also strive to acquire specialist status in Science and in Sports. In essence, this means that in addition to our regular Science and PE lessons, extra funds will be directed to these areas so that students can be provided the opportunity to engage in additional programmes and competitions in these areas.

In the area of Sports, we will be drawing on the rich tradition of sporting excellence set by the youth of Delta State – the reigning National Sports champion and runners up in the National School Sports competition.

Fraud Warning Disclaimer

Please be aware that James Hope College is not in affiliation with any organisation in providing entrance examinations, including pre-tests, for admission to the College.

Anyone patronising one is doing so at his or her own risk.

Online Payment

To make payment, fill in the unique JHC ID of the student (of whom payment is to be made on his/her behalf).