A character-building community

“JHC is clearly based on the British model of private education and is the only school in the area to pursue this”

-BSO Inspector

Co-curricular activities

These are essential components of James Hope College for students and staff alike. These include sports, intellectual activities and cultural celebrations. These activities take place on weekends and in the evenings, after school hours on weekdays. 

JHC facilities are designed to enable students gain an increasingly rich variety of experiences and develop not only their skills in performance, creativity and craftsmanship, but also to develop their critical and appreciative faculties as members of an audience.

On Saturdays, students engage in sports like lawn tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, basketball, netball, football, hockey and athletics while a few hours on Sunday is reserved to train pro-student players, offering them an opportunity to join the official school team.

Co-Curricular Activities

Beyond academic excellence, James Hope College offers a broad-based education by positively encouraging students to join clubs and engage in productive recreational activities from our extensive range of extra-curricular activities. Please click on the activity for more details:


The College residences for students are designed to be a home away from home. This is important if students are to feel safe and develop to the best of their abilities. For this reason, our purpose-built residential facilities have the right balance of mod-cons and amenities to ensure homeliness, safety and pastoral care.
An experienced House Parent runs each residence. An Assistant House Parent assists the House Parent. Their roles are to provide a seamless link between the academic and pastoral spheres of each student’s life. They are in a position to monitor, guide and report on the progress of each student in their house.

Religious Services

Religious activities at James Hope College is interdenominational. As we cater to students’ Anglican, Pentecostal Christian, Islamic or Roman Catholic faiths.

Medical Care

The wellness of students is of paramount importance. At JHC, we have a well-equipped Medical Clinic, staffed with qualified school nurses to deal with medical situations in the event that a student requires medical attention. Students with more needs are transferred to the resident hospital in the area.

Fraud Warning Disclaimer

Please be aware that James Hope College is not in affiliation with any organisation in providing entrance examinations, including pre-tests, for admission to the College.

Anyone patronising one is doing so at his or her own risk.

Online Payment

To make payment, fill in the unique JHC ID of the student (of whom payment is to be made on his/her behalf).