Aerobics/Athletics Club

Every student at James Hope College participates in the Aerobics/Athletics club.  It is an action-packed and fun activity used as an extension to the physical education curriculum. It is an exercise-based activity designed to strengthen the physical fitness of our students, by enabling them to maximise the amount of oxygen in their blood and increase their heart rate, which in turn, increases blood flow to muscles.

Overall it fosters an increased sense of well-being within our students and will feature activities such as field and track events, dancing, aerobics classes, stair climbing, and jogging, to mention but a few.

Fraud Warning Disclaimer

Please be aware that James Hope College is not in affiliation with any organisation in providing entrance examinations, including pre-tests, for admission to the College.

Anyone patronising one is doing so at his or her own risk.

Online Payment

To make payment, fill in the unique JHC ID of the student (of whom payment is to be made on his/her behalf).