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James Hope College is a private world class residential co-educational secondary school in the tranquil Twin Lakes Estate, Lekki, Lagos State which offers a combination of British and Nigerian curricula. James Hope College Foundation is a brainchild of the Jim Ovia Foundation, which is centered on providing world-class education at a subsidised rate.

Abraham P. Swart


James Hope College is a world class private residential school which offers a unique Nigerian/British style curriculum. Our College is about the children, the future leaders of Nigeria – collectively, all stakeholders are committed to the development of inquiring, lifelong learners.​

Why Choose JHC?

There are many reasons why parents are keen for their children to gain entrance to James Hope College. One reason that sits high up on most lists is the ideal of affordable excellence.

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Please be aware that James Hope College is not in affiliation with any organisation in providing entrance examinations, including pre-tests, for admission to the College.

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