Principal’s Welcome

Principal's Welcome

Abraham Swart


Principal's Welcome

James Hope College is a world class private residential school in a beautiful and tranquil Twin Lakes Estate, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, which offers a unique Nigerian/British style curriculum. Our College is about the children, the future leaders of Nigeria – collectively, all stakeholders are committed to the development of inquiring, lifelong learners. This involves attention to all facets of a child’s personality which includes the physical, emotional, moral, cultural, as well as intellectual.  

Students should be constantly encouraged to strive to improve themselves, and not be satisfied to settle for less than their real ability. As educators, we are entrusted with a sacred responsibility, a fidelity and loyalty to an ideal of both excellence and quality in teaching that leads to achievements by students. As a consequence, we have the opportunity to nurture and develop in students the qualities often found to be lacking in today’s society, namely, the pursuit of individual excellence, the desire to be valuable and responsible citizens with a positive outlook.

The effects of the fast change of pace in the world today,  coupled with the doubling of knowledge every few years and our interconnectedness due to globalisation is reverberating and impacting on Nigeria which  means that our children will experience a very different world than the one we know.

Thus, at James Hope College, we offer holistic learning programmes to support the most important capacities that young people now need, in order to make their way in the increasingly demanding world of the 21st century – the powers of creative thinking and problem-solving, moral & values-based education, and a strong academic base so they can become leaders in whatever field they choose to work.

At James Hope College we are passionate about education and I look forward to meeting parents to share that passion about preparing children for the brave new world.

Fraud Warning Disclaimer

Please be aware that James Hope College is not in affiliation with any organisation in providing entrance examinations, including pre-tests, for admission to the College.

Anyone patronising one is doing so at his or her own risk.

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