• JHC Parent Newsletter 6th January, 2023

    Dear Parents and Friends,  Compliments of the season to you!  Known for recaps and resolutions, each new year often starts with retrospection and…the month of January. January, as we know, is the first month of the year and contains 31 days. The term originated before the year 1000 from Middle English, ultimately deriving from the …

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  • JHC Parent Newsletter 8th December 2022

    Dear Parents and Friends,Today is the last day of term, after which, we break for the Xmas holidays, both staff and studentsare looking forward to a relaxing holiday.When students go home today each will deliver an envelope that contains the progress report,outlines for schemes of work, photograph, College Yearbook, etc. The invoices for term two …

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  • JHC Parent Newsletter 20th October, 2022

    Dear Parents and Friends,I trust that all is well.We will be on half-term break as from Friday until College resumes on 31st October, 2022. The break allows students to do something different with a change of pace which willassist with re-energising them for a busy second half-term. However, the Year 12’s willcontinue throughout the break …

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  • Principal’s Newsletter – JHC relocates to Lagos.

    Dear Parents and Friends, I trust all is well and I hope our students are enjoying their summer break after a 2-week virtual classes. It is the dawn of a new era as the Board of Governors of James Hope college has decided to relocate the school from Agbor, Delta State to the Lekki axis …

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  • JHC Parent Newsletter 24th June, 2021

    Dear Parents and Friends, I trust that all is well, and students are engaged with online learning. This is the final newsletter for the 2020/21 academic year and what a year it has been. We slowly crept from under the Covid pandemic blanket, to face an altered reality. This new reality forces us to explore …

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  • JHC Parent Newsletter 18 June, 2021

    Dear Parents and Friends, I trust that all is well. An enormous ‘THANK YOU’, for the gigantic effort of our parents in getting students home earlier this week, logistically it was a perfect feat. I always believe that things happen for a reason and to look for the silver lining in every cloud. In the …

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  • JHC Parent Newsletter 10 June, 2021

    Dear Parents and Friends, I trust that this newsletter finds you in good spirits. This week all students are busy with examinations, from Year 7 – 12. The Year 12 students will complete the IGCSE examinations on Friday, 11th of June and will vacate the campus by Sunday, 13th June latest. The time at home …

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  • JHC Parents Newsletter 18 May 2021

    Dear Parents and Friends, I trust that all is as well as it can be. JHC is currently doing continuous assessments with internalterm three examinations starting on the 7th of June 2021.A virtual meeting was held last week Saturday (15th May 2021) with parents of Year 7, 8 and 9 students – thank you parents, …

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  • JHC Parents Newsletter 7 May 2021

    Dear Parents and Friends, I trust that this newsletter finds you in good spirits and in good health! The Year 12 students started the IGCSE examinations this week Tuesday, the first part, to give an accounting of their six-year journey on the path of knowledge and application of knowledge whilst at JHC. The second part, …

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  • JHC Parent Newsletter 23rd April 2021

    Dear Parents and Friends, I trust that all is well, and we had a smooth start to term three thus far. A BIG THANK YOU to all our parents in ensuring that all returning students have negative PCR tests. I guess that we are all looking forward to the day when this is no longer …

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