Dear Parents and Friends,

Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Lost time is never found again.’, and Adam Hochschild stated, “Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.”; these quotes, gained from practical experience, are true in the case of our students who have prepared and are preparing for examinations – past, current, and future.

But more so for our Year 9 and 12 students who will be ‘weighed & measured’ in a few weeks’ time when they face the BECE, Checkpoint, IGCSE, and WAEC examinations, respectively – the encouragement is to “make hay while the sun shines“.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on our behaviour and consequently the way we organise our lives and business operations. JHC is no stranger to this and as such had to adapt accordingly, as such the School Management wish to announce the following adjustments to our term 3 activities:

  • No half-term break in term 3 – Years 9 & 12 engaged in examinations, and as a covid-19 prevention strategy, it is better to have all students on campus, instead of sending them home for a few days and risk contracting the coronavirus.
  • Proposed dates for the Year 12 Graduation, 26 June 2021, and the JHC Annual Prize Giving, 1st July 2021. For a certainty, these will be virtual events of some sort, but we will share more information later.
  • JHC end of Academic year, 1 July 2021 – this is a week earlier because of the sacrifice of the half-term break. Parents will be able to collect their children after 12 pm on the 1st of July and all students will vacate on Friday, 2nd of July 2021.
  • School resumption for the new Year 12’s to be Sunday, 29th August 2021 to facilitate IGCSE exam preparations. New Year 7 orientation on Sunday, 5th September 2021, and the rest of the College on Monday, 6th of September 2021.

Please note that changes will be made if the current circumstances change. Stay healthy and safe until we meet again.

Yours Truly
Abraham P Stewart


JHC ACADEMIC CALENDAR REVISED: A revised academic calendar will be shared shortly to reflect any changes.

Covid-19 Test Reminder

As an enhanced measure to protect all campus dwellers in the Covid-19 pandemic era, the Board has decided that all students will need to have negative COVID-19 tests before the resumption of College with immediate effect, after every term break. This means that when students return for the start of the third term in April 2021, they will need a negative test. We are aware that this will add extra pressure to the finances, but it is necessary, and it will be reviewed regularly.

General Matters

The registration for the external examinations BECE, Check Point, IGCSE and WAEC is happening currently. Please be prepared to pay these invoices which will be sent out soon.

Travel Information

Here follows the travel information for the Air Peace bookings (

Departure: 26th March 20212:40 pm5:30 pm
Return: 14th April 202110:10 am7:30 am

As a practice, all tickets should be forwarded to lekkyes, and sunday.oloyede at least two weeks before the departure date. Also, note that the above timings are subject to change by the airline.

Future Events

26th March 2021End of Term
14th April 2021Start of Term 3
26th Junes 2021Year 12 Graduation
1st July 2021Annual Prize Giving & End of Academic Year
29th August 2021New Year 12’s return to College
5th September 2021Orientation for new Year 7’s
6th September 2021School resumption for ALL other Students

For more information or clarification on any matter, please feel free to contact me at, 0708 396 4440 or


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Anyone patronising one is doing so at his or her own risk.

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