On Saturday, 14th of January 2017, we had the JHC Formal Lunch event as well as a ‘Teen talk’, ‘The Power of Boundaries/No’ presented by Mrs Jemine Mejire. The talk was preceded by a beautifully organised scrumptious formal lunch by the catering department.

Both staff and students were formally dressed and the tables were exquisitely adorned in white for the three-course meal which consisted of bread roll and salad or corn soup for the first course, fried rice or pottage for the main meal and butter pudding with custard for the dessert. There was also water and zobo to drink. Staff and students interacted while soft music played in the background; staff and students were given a menu to choose what they wanted to eat. The main event for the day was the talk by Mrs Jemine Mejire a professional life coach and etiquette teacher. She gave the audience a glimpse of herself which she related to the topic which was very relevant to the social life of teenagers. The students were involved in the activities which
allowed them to get a vivid picture of life of teenagers in real life situations about societal and peer pressure. The whole activity was hinged on the power to say NO and know when to draw a line between right and wrong when it comes to relationships/friendship and peer pressure.

The session was drawn to a close with questions and answers. The vote of thanks was given by the head girl, Eden Erazuwa. Surely the students were really transformed and had a lot to ponder on.


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