There was a flurry of excitement in the Great Hall on Thursday, 16th of November 2017, as students and teachers sat anxiously waiting for the STEM FAIR to commence. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) FAIR was a very glorious event, as invited schools in Agbor like Calvary Group of Schools, Baptist Girls High School, Staff Model College, Ime-Obi Secondary School and Omumu Mixed Secondary School participated in various riveting activities such as the Quiz. The students were eager to showcase their inspiring projects, which they had worked very hard on for over a month. Each department that makes up STEM, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Design and Technology, Agriculture and Art, had exhibits. The Biology section exhibited a stanching model of the DNA made from marshmallows, gummy bear and liquorice twists.

The Chemistry group showed us some fascinating facts about Graphene, Diamond and Buckminsterfullerene. The Physic group pleasantly shocked all and sundry as they created a vacuum cleaner and warship. The Maths group made cool 3-D shapes out of cardboard. The Design and Technology group made soaps, a grenade and an awesome water dispenser. Finally, the Art and Design groups displayed some wonderful pieces of art and craft, such as leather bags, yarn on board works, leather hats and lanterns, all of which were created by JHC students. There were also some interesting Science magic tricks such as converting water into wine and vice versa, elephant tooth pastes and fire ignition without a lighter which were conducted by Eden Erazua and Chimere Ezeiruakwu.

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