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JHC Parents Newsletter 13th September 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

On Saturday the new Year 7 students were welcomed to the James Hope College family, and on Sunday the rest of the students – they were all ‘bright and bushy-tailed’! It was a great start with the news that we had the best-ever BECE results with five students achieving straight A’s, but more on this in the next newsletter.

The students are settling in well as we focussed on the essential tasks on hand, namely, getting into our academic routines as well as completing the usual organisational matters. Furthermore, we have added five more staff to our family. It is my pleasure to introduce, Mrs. Prosper Aboyegi (Science), Mrs. Taiwo Sokoya (House parent and PE), Mr Kingsley Akpabio (Science and Maths), Mr. Oluchuwu Eke (Igbo) and Mr Gabriel Edeh (ICT) – they were recruited from reputable schools and brings with them a wealth of experience and good teaching practices.

This year is another milestone for JHC as we are now five years old with all levels in operation, from Year 7 to 12. We have grown and performed well since September 2013 and our pioneer students will sit the first ever IGCSE and WAEC examinations.

The theme for this year is ‘CONSISTENCY MATTERS’ – continual encouragement and reminders will focus on the steadfast adherence to principles and behaviours which will propel us to greater heights. After all, whatever the task or project if one works harder, apply more energy and time to it, and are more consistent then the overall result will be better. A few changes have necessitated some minor adjustments to the 2018/19 academic calendar and this will be shared soon.

In conclusion, ‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.’

Yours faithfully

Abraham P. Swart Principal


JHC Parents Newsletter 22nd August 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

The August holidays will soon be concluding and then it is back to school, yes, another school year is upon us! I can’t tell you enough how excited my team and I are as we have spent the holidays and months before to ensure that we are on track to have another great year.

I trust that our students had a relaxing time and are energised to continue to do well upon resumption. Similarly, our staff have made the most of this well-deserved break and are ready for another productive academic year.

This school year is truly going to be something special. Why? Because I can promise you that James Hope College is going to be a place filled with joy, passion, and learning. At JHC we want each and every person that comes onto this campus to know they are valued and that they hold tremendous worth. We want to teach our students to “Be Courageous and Give it a Go”.We believe in fresh-starts and new beginnings. We believe in growth and potential. And we believe in bringing everyone together to accomplish success. To the students, I want you to know how much we truly care about you at JHC.

You are the reason we come to work every day. You matter to each and every one of us. When you come onto this campus, you are the most important thing in the world to us. We hope that every day you reside on campus, to know how special you are and just how much potential you hold. To the parents and friends, you are just as important. Without you, we will not reach our full potential as a school. We value you and your opinions. We look to you as a partner in your child’s education. We are excited to work with you and at JHC you are always welcome.

To everyone, this is a team effort. We know it will take an entire school community coming together, as such we invite you to fully participate in all events in the upcoming school year.

To my Year 12’s, your journey starts early and we are ready to welcome you on Sunday, 26th August; the new Year 7’s on Saturday, 8th September and the rest of the students on Sunday, 9th September 2018.

Please re-read the last newsletter posted on the 12 th of July 2018 to familiarise yourselves and your children before resumption with expectations regarding summer reading, uniform, and items not to be brought on campus, etc. The latter is important as it can become distractions which we can do without.

This academic year is filled with unlimited potential and we are ready to meet each and every challenge head on!

Yours faithfully

Abraham P. Swart


JHC Parents Newsletter 12 July 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

We have reached the end of another academic year and upon reflection it has been another successful and joyous one. In fact, on Saturday, 14th of July, at our annual Prizegiving I will share the milestones reached and the joys we have experienced.

With the previous newsletter I congratulated the Year 9 students who did excellently well in the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations . This fantastic achievement was praised throughout Nigeria with the great news placed in national newspapers on several days. Well done!

The students who were part of the International Award for Young People Nigeria (a.k.a JHC DoE), completed the adventurous journey part recently and camping was definitely a new experience for some – but more information on this in the next newsletter.

I have perused all the students reports and commended where necessary and encouraged to improve where required. Please study your child’s report and support where it is needed.

As usual, the final newsletter contains a generous portion of information & reminders and parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with it. Take note of the information from the VP’s Academic and Pastoral , as well as Uniform Matters .

In conclusion, ‘The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual.’, and, ‘In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit’.

I look forward meeting up with you on Saturday to personally thank you for your support and contributions throughout this year.

Yours faithfully

Abraham P. Swart


James Hope College (JHC) has recorded an exceptional 100% grade summary in Mathematics, Science and English in the recently published 2018 Cambridge Checkpoint Examination results. Of all 29 students that sat for the examinations, no candidate scored less than good with the highest scale pegged at 6.0.

Speaking on the brilliant performance of the students, the Founder/Chairman of James Hope College, Mr. Jim Ovia applauded the students for such excellent performance; adding that it was a worthy reward for the efforts both the students and the teachers put in for the examinations and a testimonial to what the College stands for. It has been a great and rewarding session for JHC and we congratulate our high flyers and wish them greater successes and excellence in future feats.

James Hope College is a world-class private residential school in a beautiful and tranquil area of Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria, which offers a unique Nigerian/British style curriculum. We offer holistic learning programmes to foster the future leaders of Nigeria. We also offer a unique scholarship programme supported by an endowment fund from the Jim Ovia Foundation.

See picture below:

James Hope Cambridge AD 2018 01

James Hope Cambridge AD 2018 02

JHC hosts its first-ever Career Fair


The maiden edition of the JHC Career Fair kicked-off in fine form on Saturday, 23 June 2018. We had about 80 students, 60 parents and all JHC members of staff in attendance. James Hope College understands how important making a career choice is for students and parents; hence, we began preparation for the fair in September 2017 and left no stone unturned.

Eleven prestigious organizations were represented and had information booths where students and parents could inquire about study options after JHC. Some of them like 3AG Global Resources Ltd., Rockport & Northern Ireland Boarding Schools, D – GRACE Educational Consult, Ashley & George Education, Bridge House College, Edo University Iyamho, Great Future Consultants Ltd., MEL Educational Services, Rhemalisa International Educational Services Ltd., UKEAS Nigeria, Chelis Education CEC and Regent School were happy to answer all inquiries.

The event was a huge success. Parents and students alike added that it was “an informative and enlightening event” and “definitely worth the travel”.

We thank all our members of staff for their tireless efforts in reaching out to esteemed organizations to share study options for the current Year 9, 10 and 11 students and their parents; and working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth progression of the day’s programme.

The Career Fair was worth every effort and we look forward to hosting this fair annually featuring several career talks by professionals from the medical, legal, communication, finance and engineering sector.

Photo excerpts below:

Career Fair 1

An aerial view of attendees of the James Hope College Career Fair 2018 at the Great hall, James Hope College Agbor on Saturday;

Career Fair 3

Students of James Hope College paying rapt attention to one of the consultants during the Career Fair 2018;

Career Fair 4

Parents and Consultants alike share ideas during the Career Fair 2018.

JHC Parents Newsletter 29th June 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

With only two more weeks until the close of this academic year, there never seem to be enough time in the day to complete everything. But students and staff alike are looking forward to a well-deserved holiday with family and friends.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Year 9 students who did excellently well in the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations … 100% of students achieved grades Good to Excellent which is a JHC first! The top achievers were acknowledged and praised at the assembly this morning. More information to follow.

Moreover, the first ever JHC Career Fair kicked-off in fine form on Saturday, 23rd of June 2018. I wish to thank all staff for their tireless efforts in making this event a success but more so the students and parents who attended. For more info on the Career Fair, see the article on the JHC website Homepage.

Furthermore, attached please find a copy of the JHC Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 – this was shared earlier this year. The reason I am sharing this again is for parents to arrange their affairs
accordingly as not to make plans during school time (teaching and learning time) which can impact negatively on their child’s progress. I want to commend the 99 % of our parents who do comply. To be noted, some reasons for approved absences are medical reasons and important family matters.

However, please don’t expect us to rubber-stamp arrangements which are made without seeking the College’s input first, after all, we are in a partnership to ensure that the best is done for your child and unilateral decisions do not bode well. JHC is not like any other school as we teach a dual curriculum which means every day is critical to ensure completion of the teaching and learning programmes. Your cooperation is expected and valued.

I look forward to your attendance of the annual JHC Prizegiving on Saturday, 14 th of July 2018 .

In conclusion, ‘There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it . ’, and,‘I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value ’.

Yours faithfully
Abraham P. Swart


JHC Parents Newsletter 14th June,2018


14th June,2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

EXAMINATIONS or EXAMS…a word that fills most students with dread but soon JHC students will be breathing sighs of relief as these will be concluded shortly.

Examinations are important as students can demonstrate what they know and can do. It also enables teachers to be confident in the accuracy of their judgements about each student. Each subject has a specific body of knowledge that students are expected to learn, for example in Physics, students might learn about thermodynamics, while Geography students might learn about tectonic plate movements. Exams enable us to accurately test students’ breadth of understanding of these topics.

Furthermore, exams offer students opportunities to demonstrate inculcated higher-order thinking skills, such as analysis and decision-making thus revealing their real skills, talents and knowledge. In addition, there is evidence that both studying for and sitting exams deepens learning. Studying is like exercising.

When one exercises, the muscles in use grow stronger. Likewise, the process of searching through ones memory and retrieving the relevant information strengthens that memory pathway for future uses. Consequently, examinations also have the power to enhance what students know.

Congratulations to the newly appointed prefects, Naomi Ajudua, Thelma Gbe, Chineben Ogbuigwe, Akajuigo Amucheazi, Iniebi Inaibo, Kelechi Kelechi-Samuel, Franklin Damasus, Oladele Hotonu, Oghenetega Bazunu, Otuobi Nwagwu, Ifechukwude Isichei, Efemena Juweto, Aroesiri Enameguono, Joan Amahia, Motunrayo Asalu and Peace Osamor. Moreover, Aroesiri has been selected as Head boy with Akajuigo as the deputy Head boy and Naomi the Head girl and Thelma, deputy Head girl.

Serving as a prefect is a privilege and an opportunity to be of service to others and to lead by example…we wish them well! A gentle reminder, on the 23rd of June the College will have a Careers Fair, all Year 9, 10 and 11 Parents and students will be expected to attend and we will start promptly at 10.10 am

In conclusion, ‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other’, and, ‘To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity’.

Yours faithfully,

Abraham P. Swart





On June 8, CNN is asking students around the world to celebrate World Oceans Day with a Zero Plastic Lunch — a lunch with no single-use plastics. Schools and students then share photos of their lunches, and videos explaining what changes they made to their lunch, with CNN on social media and email.

James Hope College will partner with other schools on this project. The best submissions will be featured on CNN TV and their live blog online.

You can find more information about Zero Plastic Lunch Day, including articles about our oceans, learning PDFs in different languages, and a video on single-use plastics for schools to screen on their website, www.cnn.com/zeroplasticlunch.

CNN produced some FAQs about the initiative and how schools can take part:

What is it? #ZeroPlasticLunch is a day-long, student-driven event to raise awareness of single-use plastic waste within schools and communities around the world.

  • When is it? World Oceans Day, June 8, 2018.
  • What is the problem with plastics? Every year the world produces 300 million tons of plastic — eight million tons of which goes into our oceans. More than 40% of our plastic trash falls under the single-use plastic umbrella — that is, plastic designed to be used just once. Sometimes this plastic is used for minutes before being discarded, but it stays in our environment for hundreds of years. As single-use plastics decompose, they release toxic chemicals that damage our natural habitat and harm marine animals. Of all the plastic created, only 9% of it has been recycled. And by 2050, the UN predicts that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.
  • What is CNN asking schools to do? On June 8 this year, CNN is asking students around the world to celebrate World Oceans Day with a Zero Plastic Lunch — a lunch with no single-use plastic components.
  • CNN wants you to evaluate the number of single-use plastics — such as packaging, cutlery and straws — that you use throughout the week. Then, think about replacing these items with environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, swap a plastic straw — which takes 450 years to decompose — with a paper one, or simply don’t use one at all. You can participate in the campaign by sharing a photo of your normal lunch and your Zero Plastic Lunch with CNN, by emailing ZeroPlasticLunch@cnn.com, or using the hashtag #ZeroPlasticLunch on social media. You can also send a video, telling CNN about the changes you will make to use less single-use plastics.
  • CNN is also combating plastic straws, which are used once then trashed — hardly any are recycled. Convince your school to ban plastic straws, and share with CNN by emailing thelaststraw@cnn.com, or using the hashtag #thelaststraw.

You can find more information about Zero Plastic Lunch Day, including articles about the oceans, learning PDFs in different languages, and a video on single-use plastics for schools to screen on their website, www.cnn.com/zeroplasticlunch.


Furthermore, peruse the JHC contribution through the following links:





JHC Parents Newsletter 1st June, 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

As we are getting ready to receive our Year 7, 8 and 10 students this Sunday, I want to thank my staff for the extra work that was done to support our Year 9 and 11 students over the past week for the respective BECE and IGCSE examination preparations.

With teachers’ comments such as, ’ When you find yourself lying awake at 3:00 in the morning, wondering what you can do to make yourself a better teacher, you have reached the point where you really do understand what teaching all about is ; and, ‘ This is not a profession — it is a passion !’ confirms that teaching is a calling and a labour of love. I wholeheartedly believe that teaching is a high calling. It is not merely a call to help students learn how to read and write well or be mathematically competent, it is also a call to shape their character and become productively engaged citizens of this world. As such I want to commend all my staff for their commitment and dedication on behalf of the future leaders of Nigeria!

Students have the privilege to bring Flash Drives to school for designated school work. However, a handful of students abuse this as they add movies and music files at home which is against college rules. Parents are requested to check the contents of this before they arrive on Sunday and delete any material which is against college rules. Also, only flash drives (4 to 16 GB) are permitted and not the larger external storage devices which normally exceeds 250 GB.

On 23 rd of June the College will have a Careers Fair ,all Year 9, 10 and 11 Parents and students will be expected to attend – more details to follow soon.

In conclusion, ‘ There’s nothing so kingly or queenly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth’; and, ‘Teaching is the royal road to learning’.

Yours faithfully
Abraham P. Swart


JHC Parents Newsletter 15th May, 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

Greetings to all our parents and friends from a cool Agbor where we are enjoying the rainy season.

There is a saying that ‘practice makes perfect’, as such our Year 9 students are in full assessment mode this week in sitting full practice examinations or ‘mock exams’ in getting prepared for the BECE external examinations later this term. The logic is that the more practice they are given, the better the result will be. The standards have been set and this year’s results should be nothing less than the previous achievements.

It may appear that the emphasis for examination preparation is only on the Years 9 and 11 students but far from it, as ALL STUDENTS are expected to learn, revise, study and do their best continuously – this reminder is shared regularly.

I am privileged to have two large display boards outside my office which have students’ art work on it and these pieces are changed every term. The latest displays from our Year 10 students are simply breath-taking and a testimony to the dedication of both our art teacher Mrs Margaret Ogbe-Asenguah and her students.

The use of colours is vivid and stimulating, field of depth and perspective excellent and use of space interesting and bold; some pieces are contrasting, and others are flowing and calm. I have shared some images on the next page.

In conclusion, ‘Life is the art of drawing without an eraser’; and, ‘Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day.’

Yours faithfully

Abraham P. Swart