Amongst 180 students representing 14 international schools from five states at the just-concluded 12th AISEN Prefects’ Camp, which held at Greensprings School, Lekki, Lagos State, first-time participants, James Hope College (JHC) students emerged third in the contest.

Schools in attendance were, Lagos State – Greensprings School, Lekki; Greensprings School, Anthony; Grange School, Ikeja; British International School, Victoria Island; Vivian Fowler School, Ikeja; Redeemers International School, Maryland; Meadow Hall School, Lekki; Delta State – James Hope College, Agbor; Oyo State – International School Ibadan; Osun State – Olashore International School, Iloko-Ijesha; Ogun State – City of Knowledge Academy, Ijebu-Ode amongst others.

According to Mike Myatt, training focuses on best practices while development focuses on next practices. Training tells you how you should get a result while development allows you explore smart, possible ways to be efficient. At JHC, we practise both for an excellent balance. Hence, when the opportunity to further develop our students into leaders came, i.e., the AISEN Prefects’ Camp, JHC seized it.

Throughout the weekend (from 25 – 27 May 2018), our students partook in engaging activities ranging from team building, intact-challenge, trust-walk, obstacle course and Tug-of-War. These events developed their:

  1. Human Relation Skills – opportunities to increase their understanding of effective strategies for confronting harassment, intimidation and bullying behaviors; Strategies that promote respect and acceptance of others and the value of honouring differences were cultivated;
  2. Self-Awareness – opportunities to increase their personal goal-setting and self-reflection skills were provided; assertiveness, positive risk-taking, conflict resolution abilities and time management techniques were adopted.
  3. Communication Skills – opportunities to improve their speaking and listening skills in small and large groups, poise and confidence while working in groups;
  4. Group Processes – opportunities to increase their understanding of different leadership styles; group dynamics; decision-making techniques and the importance of identifying and utilizing available resources, evaluation and debriefing techniques were noted;
  5. Organizational Skills – opportunities to gain an understanding of task analysis and problem-solving skills; the value of delegation, accountability and respect for established procedures, chain of command, legal parameters and financial management were learned.
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It was a complete package. Students were awarded points for punctuality, adherence to rules, appropriate dressing, active participation in team activities/challenges and ingenuity. They were presented with a trophy, certificates and gifts.

Our teachers – Mr. Akindele and Mrs. Asenguah ensured our students maintained perfect decorum throughout the camping period. We intend to make this an annual event.


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