22nd May 2019

Dear Parents and Friends,

I trust that this newsletter finds you in good spirits.

Today marks the final day for the scholastic career of most Year 12 students at James Hope College, and next week all will be done with the WAEC examinations. No doubt it has not always been an easy journey but neither do we expect it to be for this is part of life with its ebbs and flows – the pleasant with the unpleasant, the difficulties with the happiness, etc. But as the saying goes, ‘all is well that ends well’. Invitations have now been sent out to the Year 12’s and their parents to celebrate their journey whilst at JHC and we look forward to seeing them as young adults in a few weeks’ time.

The etymology of the word decorum traces its origin to the Latin words of ‘decor’, ‘decorum’ and ‘decorus’, these meaning, ‘that which is fit and proper as well as, ‘beauty, charm and grace’. In the 1560’s, decorum entered the English language and since then it means, ‘dignified propriety of behavior, speech, dress, etc.’ At JHC we often use this word as it encapsulates the high expectation we have of all campus dwellers regarding behavior, speech, appearance and dress. However, over the last few weeks it has been noticed that some of our young men are not accustomed to the removal of their facial hair – after all, it is school policy that students shave any facial hair (moustache, beards, etc.) as it affects decorum. Upon a closer look we have found the reasons why and as such we advise parents of the following:

  1. Fathers, your boys are growing into young men and you need to teach them how to shave.
  2. Parents are to ensure that upon resumption, those who have need to shave bring shavers (handheld or electric), shaving cream or lotion, and bump prevention cream.
  3. To note, hair clippers are not an alternative to shave facial hair unless it is a multi functional shaver with attachments for this purpose.

Here is wishing you a happy Thursday and looking forward seeing our students return on Sunday, 2nd of June 2019.

Yours truly
Abraham P. Swart

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