The annual JHC formal lunch and etiquette was held on Saturday, 19th January 2019 at the Great Hall with the theme: ‘SAY NO TO BULLYING: SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT.’
The day commenced with an opening speech by the Principal, Mr. Swart. The guest speaker, Prof. Mr. Amucheazi and his wife, Dr. (Mrs) Amucheazi were introduced by Mr. Sunday Sola-Oloyede, VP Pastoral and the organiser of the event. The event kicked off with drama presentations by the students exploring the various facets of bullying and how it could be curbed.
Professor Amucheazi’s presentation awaken the students’ consciousness on the need to say, ‘NO TO BULLYING.’ It was a success as it serves as a timely reminder to all staff and students about the delipidating effects of bullying and the need to stamp it out.

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