8th January 2019

Dear Parents and Friends,

College has resumed for term two and after a few days the cobwebs of the holidays will be wiped off as we get into the routines of our work and studies.

James Hope College is proud to announce that we are now an officially accredited British School Overseas (BSO.) Following a detailed inspection carried out in November by a team of three British inspectors we can now formally reveal the results of the report, which shows how JHC fully meets all the standards for British Schools Overseas accreditation as laid out by the Department for Education of the UK Government.

The full details of the inspection can be read in the attached report, but everyone found it to be a positive experience despite the rigour and hard work involved. During the inspection visit, over 50 lessons were observed by the inspectors. School documentation and policies were analysed and data reviewed. Students’ workbooks were scrutinised, discussions were held with the senior staff, the management team, a range of teachers and students.

The summary statement says, “JHC meets all the standards for a British school overseas and has many good and some outstanding features. Academic attainment is high. The behaviour of the students is exemplary. The vision of the board and the leadership provided by the Principal are excellent. The care and support offered to students, including in boarding is very high quality. The unique curriculum and the breadth of subjects offered are strengths.”- BSO report November 2018.

Of course, the main purpose of the report was not simply to validate the work that the school is currently doing but also to look at areas for future improvement and these have already formed an action plan to move the school forward. JHC is not only fully committed to achieving its mission but also to be the leading school in the country and beyond, so all the feedback and suggestions listed in the report were welcomed.

All in all, we are obviously extremely pleased with the report. It is a clear recognition of the hard work, commitment and dedication of all the staff here and the school community as a whole – not forgetting the magnanimity of our founders, Mr. and Mrs Ovia. However, we are certainly not resting on our oars/laurels and this will give us further impetus and enthusiasm for the many developments and future improvements that are already under-way.

In conclusion, ‘Progress has always been driven by a sense of adventure and unconventional thinking’. Keep well until we meet again.

Yours faithfully

Abraham P. Swart





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