Rosamond Adukeola Vera-Cruz

Rosamond Adukeola Vera-Cruz

Rosamond Adukeola Vera-Cruz

Rosamond is the CEO of British Education Consultants Ltd. (BEC), a leading education consultancy based in Nigeria. Possessing vast management experience in communications, advertising and marketing, Rosamond began her career with Grant Advertising in Lagos, and was a pioneer staff of Newswatch Communications Ltd before venturing into education. Her passion for excellence and her dissatisfaction with the Nigerian educational system spurred her to address the critical issue of promoting quality higher educational standards in schools. This effort led her to become the pioneering Head of Administration, and subsequently, Head of Marketing and Business Development for the British International School in Lagos. This journey would eventually herald the debut of her educational consultancy firm in 2004. Over the years she has contributed immensely to addressing several pertinent educational issues such as reinforcing teacher training and mentoring as well as improving school administration processes. Rosamond also holds a certificate in Education Work Management and Administration.

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