Mr. Alphonsus Anaukwu

Mr. Alphonsus Anaukwu

MSc (Biological and Environmental Sciences), Finland; MSc (Forest Biology and Silviculture), Ibadan; PGCE (Science and Mathematics), Greenwich; PGD (Rural Forestry), Netherlands; BSc. (Hons) (Forest Resource Management), Ibadan

Alphonsus was born in Nigeria and lived most of his adult life in Europe. With several years of experience in the academia, Alphonsus contributes to James Hope College, a wealth of many years of industrial, teaching, examining, leadership & management experience from international interactions around the world, including Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, Finland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria.
His work at James Hope College features project management, curriculum development and management, strong classroom management, information & learning technologies, leadership & management skills.
Alphonsus’ work mantra is that good teaching is a combination of character, subject knowledge and mutual understanding to help bridge the gap between theory and practice. As a veteran practitioner, he works to co-create a climate of innovation, collaboration and collegiality with young learners in order to facilitate learning in information and communication technologies and science especially in Biology.
Alphonsus enjoys swimming, fitness training, travelling, reading, socializing and learning new languages.

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