E-virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020

E-virtual Graduation Ceremony

Event was held on the 26th September 2020, watch replay below.

Congratulations to the
outgoing class

The second graduating set of James Hope College, we recognize your distinctness seeing that your unique journey through our prestigious school started during the Ebola crisis and concludes with the Corona Pandemic. We empathize with you, recognising that a physical graduation would have been the perfect time to meet and reconnect with friends, teachers and loved ones, however due to the ‘New Normal’ we are conformed to conducting your graduation virtually.

The Founders, Mr and Mrs Ovia are both very proud of your accomplishments through our six years together, from Year 7 to Year 12 and are delighted to send you into the world as proud Veritas of James Hope College. Remember to always uphold the values of this great institution and we wish you goodluck in all your future endeavors.

It would be such an honor to send forth the 36 of you into the world on the 26th of September and use this medium to invite all stakeholders, students and colleagues to join us in this memorable virtual graduation ceremony of the class of 2020.

The Graduands

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