Dear Parents and Friends,

It is good to have all students back despite the Harmattan phenomenon which caused flight cancellations a few days earlier. In fact, this morning the campus was shrouded in a thick fog of mist which blotted out the sun, and it is this lack of visibility which makes air flight landings and take-offs risky.

Over the festive break we had opportunities to meet up with family and friends, and to rekindle the bonds of affection. Family and true friends are important as we live in a world that is rapidly changing, for overnight things can change, but the anchor in these uncertain times will always be family and true friends .

Furthermore, life can be stormy at times, but it is worthwhile to remember that not all storms come to disrupt our lives, some come to clear our path.

We all live busy lives, but we must carve out time from our hectic schedules to reflect on our past and present actions, to recalibrate and realign if necessary, in order to achieve our future goals. The same is for us at James Hope College, especially in that our thoughts and words, attitude and actions are to be significant , in other words, to have a positive consequence on the lives of others .

Conscious and deliberate attempts are made through our teaching and learning programmes, interactions and relationships with each other as we attempt to develop certain characteristics/capacities: to care (working for others, or service); for diligence (working hard); for efficiency (working fast); for joy (working inwards, achieving self-satisfaction); for organisation (working smart); for anticipation (to be proactive and working ahead); for change (working to make a difference).

In conclusion,
We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason’ ; also, ‘No one is you, and that is your superpower.’

Be good, stay safe and healthy until we meet again.

Yours truly,

Abraham. P. Swart



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