Dear Parents and Friends,

I trust that this newsletter finds you in good spirits. It was quite strange to start the term in the middle of the week as we have always been accustomed to a weekend start.

The Year 12’s are in full WAEC examination mode and they are encouraged daily to persevere and to do their best. The last examination will be on Tuesday, 28th May but some will finish early on the 22nd May 2019. Any Year 12 students who have completed all registered examinations can leave once they are done, either the same day or the following morning. Parents are requested to make these arrangements as no Year 12’s will be allowed to stay on longer as they have completed their programme of studies. We look forward meeting up with all Year 12’s at the JHC Year 12 Graduation on 29th of June 2019.

Please note that, all students, Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, will have a half-term break in this term. It is expected that the Year 9’s will write the BECE examinations in mid-June. However, we will confirm if changes are required. As the Year 12’s will all be vacated by the 28th May, we will adjust the Year 11’s timetable to be given extra lessons in the freed-up Year 12 lessons.

At present, I am perusing in detail each student’s report and progress. – my heart beats with joy with the progress of the majority but then I am also concerned with the lack of progress of a handful. I wish to reiterate that the lack of progress is not because of a lack of ability but mostly due to a lack of application and consistency.

At JHC we develop students into scholars and part of that journey is an expectation to be diligent and practice what is learned, and for each one to battle the adversities of passivity, mediocrity and indifference. As per routine, I will be inviting parents of students who are not applying themselves, to meet with me to discuss the way forward.

Here is wishing you a glorious day and I look forward seeing you on Saturday, 11th of May for the Academic Review (Years 7, 8 & 10).

Yours truly

Abraham P. Swart



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