Dear Parents and Friends,

I trust that this letter finds you in good spirits. Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes to the Year 12’s who are starting the IGCSE examinations today .

A BIG thank you to all the parents who turned out for the Parents Visiting day last week Saturday – what a fantastic gathering, joyous noise and cheerful chattering filled the campus; after all, this is what gives any school its life, the people who fills and passes through it. It was good to see all and have informal conversations about a range of matters. The Great Hall was filled at both levels and the picnic tables are a great addition with some opting to have their meals outside.

‘The secret to success is constancy to purpose’ , or to paraphrase, ‘being consistent is the foundation of being successful’ . How true this is whether you are a student, teacher, entrepreneur or a parent. When it comes to striving for success, consistency can be monotonous. It’s not something that exactly ignites passion and drive. But it’s the one thing that separates those who hit their goals week in and week out, and those that don’t. Consistency is silent, it’s completely under the radar and it’s the key differentiator between success and failure. The following have been identified as the benefits of consistency in one’s life and work:

1. Accountability – This is probably the most obvious factor and easily overlooked. It’s innately human to deflect responsibility and point blame elsewhere when we haven’t got the outcome we wanted. By creating consistency around work/school goals and targets, and implementing practices that keep you on course, you inevitably create accountability for not only yourself but your team.

2. Clarity – Further to accountability, clarity is another inevitable outcome of consistency. Consistency will give you clarity, allowing you to focus with a fierce, undeterrable nature. Also, to prioritise by categorising urgent and non-urgent tasks and this helps to stay focused and consistent.

3. Motivation – We feel much better when you are on top of your work for the day or week – one feels unstoppable, fierce and motivated. One’s effort and productivity increase significantly, and you are constantly motivated to just keep going, and do better every time.

4. Confidence – When you are clear minded & motivated, it’s only normal that your confidence is raised. You’ll find yourself a lot more assertive, self-assured and confident in the decisions you are making.

The above is all interrelated. Consistency truly is key when it comes to success in all areas of life – school, work, business and socially.

Enjoy the week ahead until we meet again.

Yours faithfully

Abraham P. Swart



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