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Modern Foreign Languages at JHC include French. It is taught in a vibrant department. French IGCSE is offered throughout the school with some students starting in year 7.
The aim of the first year in French is to consolidate the grammar and vocabulary, covering material in greater depth and introducing topics and linguistic features which may not have been previously covered.
Beginners’ French is also offered, for pupils who have not previously studied the language. The four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing will each be given attention, so that each can be strengthened, with a particular stress on vocabulary acquisition. Much of the focus of our teaching is on the practical application. We go well beyond the syllabus in content and all courses involve a cultural element.
Great emphasis is placed on oral communication and fun learning. In the future JHC students will visit France and a ski trip to France. Future cultural trips to Europe are envisioned. All Modern Language examinations follow the same pattern, with the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening all being tested as a final end of term assessment.