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The Department

When modern teaching methods are used to highlight the links between Mathematics and everyday life, the subject is fun, exciting and understandable. Maths is for all and it is all around us. Nowadays, skilled Maths teachers know how to draw students into the intriguing, ubiquitous and wonderful world of Maths. At James Hope College (JHC) we organize lesson units around big ideas and interdisciplinary themes to help establish connections between Mathematics and the real world
Mathematics is misconstrued by some students as challenging and abstract. Therefore, they make little or no effort to study the subject. At JHC every student is encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards the subject, in order to realise Maths is for all. In our lessons a variety of activities for different types of learners and abilities is used for differentiation purposes. Also, open-ended questions are employed to boost creativity and the formulation of solutions.

Curriculum Structure
The Key Stage 3 (KS3) curriculum is followed by pupils in years 7, 8 and 9. The Key Stage 4 (KS4) curriculum is for pupils in years 10 and 11. Most mathematical topics are introduced and covered comprehensively at KS3, with only a few, such as Circle Theorems, Vectors and Advanced Mensuration initiated at KS4 for pupils following the Extended course.

Key Stage 3
On entry into James Hope College, students should have attained a level 5 or better in Mathematics to stand a good chance of understanding the mathematical concepts covered in class. Cambridge Checkpoint Maths and (Oxford) Framework Maths are the two main textbooks used at KS3. At the end of KS3, pupils sit for CIE’s (Cambridge International Exams) Checkpoint in Mathematics. Students with high attainment in Maths will be guided toward sitting the Checkpoint exams in Year 8 or the first term of Year 9.

Key Stage 4
As soon as students complete the Checkpoint exam they start on the KS4 programme, which initially focuses on the CIE IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exam. Many of our students will sit for their IGCSE in Mathematics by the end of Year 10. Only students on track to attain an A or A* (or equivalent grade) will be entered for early Maths. It is expected that all students at JHC regardless of when they take the exam, will sit for the Extended paper in Mathematics. Students that stay on at James Hope College after Year 11 or SS2, will be prepared for the WASC exam. These students attend classes even after their IGCSE exams, in order to cover the Nigerian-specific content comprehensively.

Curriculum support
In addition to knowledge gained in the Maths classroom or during quizzes, projects or prep., every student at James Hope College will have the opportunity to improve their maths level, regardless of their current level of attainment. There is the Six over six (6/6) club for students in set 1 in KS3 seeking to sit CIE Checkpoint Maths early. Also, there are booster classes for students whose current attainment is below the expected level, and The Next Level, a club which offers extra sessions to mid-range students who are not yet ready for the 6/6 club.