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JHC Parents Newsletter 14th November 2018

Dear Parents and Friends,

Over the last few days James Hope College was undergoing a British Overseas School inspection, led by Chief Inspector, Dr. Mark Evans, Mrs Annie Tennant and Mr Alistair Downs. The College was marked/assessed against nine criteria (pdf copy of the BSO standards attached) which is set by the Department for Education (DfE, UK government) and apply to all British Schools overseas in all parts of the world.

It is my pleasure to share that James Hope College has succeeded in measuring up to the criteria and exceeding some and thus will be awarded accredited status!

The profoundness of this milestone impacts upon one when you consider that JHC is the only school in Delta State, one of five schools in Nigeria and 1 of 160 schools world-wide, to have this prestigious certification and elite accreditation. It speaks volumes about the effort, hard-work, sweat and tears (now tears of joys) of students, staff, parents, our Founders – Mr and Mrs Ovia, the Board of Governors and other stakeholders in achieving this within only five years of its operation. This accomplishment is the continuation of our journey on the road of excellence, however, we are cognisant that more work is to be done to further improve and retain this status.

A full report will be issued within the next few weeks and will be available on our website. BSO inspections reports inform parents of students in British Schools overseas and other stakeholders how the standards measure up to those that apply to independent/private schools in the United Kingdom, taking into account local requirements.

An essential element of the BSO inspection is the extent to which the British character of schools is evident in their ethos, curriculum, teaching, care for students and students’ achievements. By meeting the BSO standards JHC is demonstrating that we provide a British education that has similar characteristics to an education in an independent school in the UK. Moreover, JHC will now have the credentials to become a member of the Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO). Also, a copy of our inspection report will be posted on the UK government web site.

We look forward meeting the Year 9, 11 and 12 parents on Saturday, 17th November for the Parent-Teacher Academic Review day.

In conclusion, ‘Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it’, and ‘Joy is the simplest form of gratitude’.

Yours faithfully

Abraham P. Swart


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