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English is taught at all levels throughout the school. It is compulsory up to IGCSE.

JHC students are capable of clear thought and understanding, clear writing and speaking and a genuine appreciation of literature. This is achieved by way of systematic training in the use of words as ‘tools of thought’; analysis and study of poetry, prose and drama; critical awareness of the environment and a satisfying and fruitful use of leisure time. Leisure reading is actively encouraged at JHC with frequent visits to the Library and all students complete fortnightly book reviews.
There are many opportunities outside the classroom for pupils to develop their English. There is a good library with a professional librarian. A debating society flourishes and creative writing thrives.
In addition, public speaking and reading competitions are held; special events for Book Days and English days will also take place. These events and activities all help to place English firmly at the heart of the cultural life of the school.
Year 7 Curriculum Overview

  • Creative Writing inspired by science fiction, focus on vocabulary development, technical skills especially punctuation, and experimenting with language especially narrative style.
  • Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare: Introduction to William Shakespeare’s works and language. Developing more independent reading skills through small group reading, focusing on interpretation of character evidence from the text. Understanding of dramatic techniques and structures.
  • Non-fiction texts. Reading and Writing, biography and autobiography. Pupils will read a range of examples and have opportunities to write their own examples in this genre. This unit will develop research and note-taking skills as well as technical writing accuracy.
  • Introduction to poetry. Developing understanding of key terminology and interpretation, with a focus on speaking and listening and performance poetry.